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About Our Pools

Mahalo Swimming Pools come in any shape and size you desire. Big or small, complicated or simple, we can build a Mahalo pool that will fit your lifestyle, your needs, and your geographic constraints. Each Mahalo Pool is a built solid with time tested concrete. Concrete is and always has been the best structure for a long lasting swimming pool. Read more about our patent (pending) below…

What makes our concrete swimming pools a little different or arguably better? For starters, our pools are insulated (ICF). They are insulated with Expanded Poly Styrene (EPS) similar to a Styrofoam cup protecting your hand from the heat of hot coffee. The EPS insulation protects the temperature of your pool water from the cooler temperatures of the earth surrounding your pool. This is particularly important when you heat up your pool water early in the spring or extend your swim season into the fall with a pool heater. Heating your pool costs money and you don’t want your heater working against the cool earth. Our pools have that thermal barrier, it does not cost extra, it just saves you money!
So what else is unique about our pools because frankly, many pool companies insulate their pools (if they don’t, they should)? Our pools are uniquely constructed to protect it from what concrete does best, it cracks! Everybody knows it, and concrete contractors will even brag about it. Concrete cracks, its like a rule in construction. Mahalo Pools has a patent pending in the U.S. Patent office. It is a Utility Patent specifically describing our process of how we build a pool to keep a potential crack in the pools walls or floors from transferring all the way to the water. This is of course to give your pool its best defense against leaks. The patent also provides a method to protect the pools finish from delaminating from the pools walls. The wall is the most common place for delamination and the floor is the most common place for cracks. Our “pending” Patent addresses both issues. We call it “The Hard Shell Liner” or “Turtle Shell”!

Your Mahalo Pool can come with many different finish options all of which work well with our “Turtle Shell”

We recommend:

  • Acrycrete (www.acrylabs.com)
  • Basecrete (www.basecrete.com)
  • Skin MicroPlaster (www.skinmicroplaster.com)
  • DiamondBrite Pool Plaster (www.sgm.cc)
  • Pebbletec (www.pebbletec.com)
  • Happy Feet Finish

Our Mission

At Mahalo Pools , our mission is to create breathtaking swimming pools that inspire joy, relaxation, and unforgettable memories, while delivering exceptional craftsmanship and exceeding client expectations.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the industry leader in designing and building innovative, sustainable, and stunning swimming pools that redefine outdoor living and exceed customer aspirations.

For More Information

When you choose a Mahalo Pool you are choosing a pool based on history, innovation, flexibility, and longevity. Need more information? Contact us today at (email) or 417-522-9000

Find a Mahalo Pool Builder. If we do not have a Mahalo Builder in your area, contact us directly at (email) and we will either find you a builder or send our team to your location in the Continental USA.

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